Winry Lovers Unite!

Because Winry totally Pwns.

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Hello, and Welcome to winrylovers! This is a community specifically for people who hold a special place in their hearts for the character Winry Rockbell of Fullmetal Alchemist/Hagaren. This community is to show that Winry is not useless, was horridly shafted in the anime, and does not deserve hate communities.

Rules for Joining:

1.) Have at least some kind of respect/appreciation/like for Winry.
2.) Please know how to speak English... chatspeak drives the moderators up the walls, and straight back down.
3.) You are free to state reasons for dislike of the character, but they must be legitimate!! If you have a reason for disliking Winry, it had better be well thought-out, backed up, and intelligent! The first time I see something about someone hating Winry because "omg she is so hitting on ed and he is so totalli my boyfriend!!!!one.", you're banned and hopefully shot.
4.) This is merely a suggestion, but; Read the Manga! It's so much better, and will increase your appreciation of Winry (and just about everyone else) by at least tenfold.
5.) Post your fanart/fics/screencaps/scans/doujin etc here! If you've got something Winry-centric, feel free to share it! Such things are strongly encouraged and welcome. Crack will be roffled, icons are loved, etc.
6.) Basically, this is a happy comm protecting Winry's dignity, integrity, and role in the series. If you have something positive to say/show in her defense, we're happy to see it.

moderated by peach_jello and kawree. any questions? please contact us. ♥

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